The Comics Appreciation Project (CAP) is an official 501c3 registered non-profit corporation created to foster an appreciation for the breadth, quality, and legitimacy of comic books and graphic-storytelling to both the public at large and specifically to the next generation of would-be consumers and creators. The CAP-Stone Awards honor the projects that best reflect the breadth and quality of graphic story-telling while also significantly expanding the medium’s legitimacy.

Nightwing #87 “Get Grayson” by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo

Best Original Graphic Novel

Monsters by Barry Windsor-Smith

CAP-Stone Best Limited Series Seal

Hocus Pocus by Rik Worth, Jordan Collver, Owen Watts, and Richard Wiseman

CAP-Stone Award Best Non-Fiction Comic Work

“Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?” by Eric Powell and Harold Schechter

CAP-Stone Award Best Publication for Teens

Wynd: Book One by James Tynion IV & Michael Dialynas