Do a Powerbomb Feature
Lona Steelrose wants to be a pro-wrestler, but she's living under the shadow of her mother, the best to ever do it. Everything changes when a wrestling obsessed necromancer asks her to join the grandest pro-wrestling tournament of all time, which is also the most dangerous! It's THE WRESTLER meets DRAGONBALL Z, in a tale where the competitors get more than they ever bargained for!

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Do a Powerbomb Cover


By Daniel Warren Johnson 

  • Collects Issues #1 – 7 
  • Publisher : Image
  • Release : 3/7/2023
  • Softcover : 168 pages
  • Dimensions : 6.7″ x 10.2″
  • Reading Age : 13+ years
  • MSRP : $24.99

"It's gonna be a slobber knocker!"

Honestly, this book wasn’t really on my radar until Chris at ComicTropes picked it as his #1 comic of 2022. If you are familiar with our site, most know I am a huge fan of ComicTropes. Chris’s research, production quality, and knowledge are top notch. 

"It wasn't that hard to pick my favorite comic of the year. Daniel Warren Johnson can do exciting action like nobody else today. It's not just his dynamic style, it's his decisions on panel placement, sizing and overall composition. The punches and hits land with impact that make you wince. What elevates Do a Powerbomb! is that it features real emotion at its core and some gigantic huge surprising story twists that elevate the get a story that's very original and has some real passion behind it."

Death, loss, perseverance, necromancy, and wrestling?!? Loved everything about this book. A fun, quirky, crazy, heart-wrenching original story. Worth every penny.

The series came to a close with issue #7 in December 2022. The collected trade paperback was just released earlier this month (March 2023). Its too early in the year for the award season but the series has received great reviews from both critics and readers (4.7 on Amazon, 4.6 on Goodreads, and a 9.3 Critic Meta-Rating on ComicBook Round Up). The trade paperback carries a hefty $24.99 price-point but I appreciate the gloss accents that really “pop” on the matte cover. The book also has a variant cover gallery in the back. 

I discovered Daniel Warren Johnson last year when he was nominated for three Eisner awards. His five issue mini-series Beta Ray Bill: Argent Star was nominated for “Best Limited Series”. His masterful 8-page “Generations” story in Superman: Red & Blue #5 was nominated for “Best Short Story”. Lastly, he was also nominated for “Best Writer/Artist”. Johnson has a distinctive art style combining bold linework and expressive character designs. In Do a Powerbomb!, Johnson utilizes dynamic action sequences to capture the energy and excitement of professional wrestling. The book is filled with vivid, over-the-top characters and larger-than-life moments that will appeal to fans of the genre.

Overall, Do A Powerbomb! is a compelling and thoroughly entertaining read. Regardless of if you are a fan of the sport, Do a Powerbomb! is a fun and engaging read definitely worth your money. 10/10


Check out the official comic trailer here:

Check out the director's commentary for issue #1 w/Daniel Warren Johnson:

One Response

  1. It’s simply hard to overstate how much fun this book is. On one hand, it does as great job of not taking itself too seriously. Intergalactic wrestling tournament to bring someone back from the dead? Sure, why not? Lets do it! On the other hand, it does an excellent job of connecting emotionally with the reader and really striking a chord on some deeper subjects such as loss, parenthood, coming of age, and failure.

    It is a fast, fun, easy read that is still full of substance and heart. Truly a 10/10. Give it a read when you have the chance.

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