The first murder in 500 years. Twenty billion suspects. One hope. The City Enduring, a booming metropolis at the edge of the universe, hasn’t experienced a violent crime in generations. The Emotion Exploit has erased its citizens’ full range of feelings, allowing three resident races to overlook their turbulent history and coexist peacefully—until now. Rookie Green Lantern Sojourner “Jo” Mullein is still adjusting to her assignment to protect this strange world when a brutal murder rattles its social order, threatening to undo centuries of controversial progress. As the populace rises up against the legacy of the Emotion Exploit and leaders grapple for power under threat of a new war, Jo must rely on her unique instincts—as a Green Lantern and the only human in this sector—to solve the crime and guide the City Enduring toward a more promising future.

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By N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell

  • Collects Issues #1 – 12 
  • Publisher : DC 
  • Release : 10/19/2021
  • Softcover : 312 pages
  • Dimensions : 6.65″ x 10.2″
  • Reading Age : 13+ years
  • MSRP : $29.99

A politically charged sci-fi murder investigation

“Far Sector” is a science fiction epic written by N.K. Jemisin and illustrated by Jamal Campbell. It was published in 2019-2021 by DC Comics under its Black Label imprint established by Gerard Way called Young Animal. The series introduces us to a new Green Lantern from Earth, Sojourner “Jo” Mullein. She takes her first assignment to a remote sector of the galaxy. She is tasked with maintaining peace and order in the Far Sector, which is home to three distinct alien races, each with their own unique cultures and customs. As she investigates a murder mystery that threatens to destabilize the fragile peace in the sector, Jo confronts her own personal demons and struggles to come to terms with her role as a Green Lantern. Jo is a complex character with a troubled past. She was a solider in the US Army, then a police officer on Earth, before becoming a Green Lantern. She struggled in her previous roles with issues of occupation, police brutality and corruption. Her experiences left her with a deep-seated skepticism about authority and a strong desire to do the right thing, even when it puts her at odds with the powers that be. Throughout the “Far Sector” series, Jo faces a number of challenges and obstacles, both external and internal. She grapples with issues of trust, identity, and purpose, and must navigate the complex political landscape of the Far Sector while trying to solve a murder mystery that threatens to destabilize the fragile peace in the region.

The series was praised for its bold art, imaginative world-building, and diverse cast of characters. Jemisin, a Hugo and Nebula award-winning author, brings a unique voice and perspective to the comic book medium, exploring complex themes of race, identity, and power through the lens of science fiction. It received a 4.6 customer review rating on Amazon, 4.25 on Goodreads, and an 8.7 Critic Rating meta-score on Comic Book Round Up. Additionally, the series was recognized by the industry for the following:

  • 2022 Harvey Nomination for “Book of the Year”
  • 2022 Hugo Award Winner for “Best Graphic Story”
  • 2021 Eisner Nomination for “Best Limited Series”
  • 2021 Eisner Nomination for “Best Cover Artist”
  • 2021 Ringo Nomination for “Best Writer”
  • 2021 Ringo Award Winner for “Best Artist or Penciller”
  • 2021 Ringo Nomination for “Best Series”
  • 2021 GLAAD Media Award Nomination for “Outstanding Comic Book”
  • 2021 Ignyte Award Nomination for “Best Comics Team”

2021 GLAAD Media Award

“Far Sector” was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award in the “Outstanding Comic Book” category in 2021. The GLAAD Media Awards recognizes media depictions for fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of the LGBTQ+ community and the issues that affect their lives. “Far Sector” was nominated for the award because of its inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters and themes. The series features a diverse cast of characters with three distinct races. Jo develops relationships with several of the characters including Averrup Thorn, a nonbinary individual who uses the pronouns “they/them” and Councilor Marth whose full name is “Marth of the Sea, By the Wavering Dark, Until the Sun Fails” (the longer the name the greater the status in their culture). The series was praised for its portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters and its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Check out this brief pitch by the author N.K. Jemisin:

Check out this great interview with both creators by one of my real world heroes, Brian Hibbs with the Comix Experience:

Our take:

5x Hugo Award-Winning writer, N.K. Jemisin’s complex Sci-Fi epic “Far Sector” deserves praise for its world building and beautifully-rendered art by Jamal Campbell. The setting was fascinatingly layered but unfortunately the murder mystery and political intrigue failed to fully captivate. Interestingly, Jemisin also introduced a new green lantern ring that (while not quite as powerful) did not require a battery but slowly recharged itself. However, this unique limitation did not really come into play. The series was enjoyable but did not meet the high expectations that preceded it. 8/10

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